Unit Resources

  • The California State PTA Toolkit is a comprehensive guide to all things PTA. It covers PTA basics, managing your PTA, membership, finance, advocacy, communication, and programs. An entire section is devoted to job descriptions for officers and chairmen.  Individual sections or the entire Toolkit can be downloaded here in English or Spanish.
  • The California State PTA Insurance Guide is designed to help you select appropriate program, fundraisers and events for your PTA. Certain events of the Guide are color-coded for easier use. GREEN Activities are allowed.  YELLOW activities are allowed as long as the additional requirements are met. RED activities are NOT allowed.  The Guide is mailed to every PTA President each November.  You can also find the Approved Vendors List here.

*** Insurance Certificates are sent directly to each unit president ***

Forms for 24th District Units

Reports/Forms due to District:

Unit Remittance Form

Unit Remittance Form (fillable)

Audit Form & Checklist

Audit Form & Checklist (fillable)

Worker’s Comp Form

Worker’s Comp Form (fillable & calculating)

Historian Report

Historian Report (fillable)

Roster of Incoming Officers

Roster of Incoming Officers (fillable)

For your use:

Checklist 2018-19

District Calendar 2018-19

Cash Verification Form

Cash Verification Form (fillable)

Payment Authorization/Request for Reimbursement

Payment Authorization/Request for Reimbursement (fillable)

Volunteer Hours

2018-2019 Mentor List 8-23-18