Board Directory

PositionNamePhone Email Description
Lisa McCracken(805) 610-5377* Have questions about PTA? Need help with your PTA? Call Lisa!
Lauren Madonna(562) 544-5393* For help with taking minutes, preparing agendas, keeping records current and auditable.
Bea Jansen(805) 550-7301* Your contact for all finance issues, tax-related questions, budgets, etc.
1st VP - Leadership
Melinda Kirkland(805) 703-3228* Need training? Starting a new unit? Leadership is here to help!
2nd VP - Programs
Patty Revalee(805) 980-8976* Coordinates district programs like Reflections and Administrators Dinner.
3rd VP - Membership
Karen Clement(805) 910-6348* Your contact for membership questions, envelopes and cards.
4th VP - Communications
Barbara Harris(805) 801-5203* Produces newsletters, maintains the website and Facebook pages.
5th VP - Community Concerns
Evan McCracken(805) 975-9378* Provides information and coordination with schools and communities on timely topics.
6th VP - Legislation
Stephanie Hale(805) 458-2273* Follows legislation and provides information from the PTA perspective.
Unit Information Officer
Carrie White(805) 801-3337* Tracks all unit reports, including tax filings. Send all reports & remittances to the Unit Information Officer.
Diana Wright(310) 702-9668* Here to help you with your twice-yearly audits.
Vacant* Keeps track of volunteer hours and tallies unit hours for state records.
Vacant – Contact District President* Here to answer your bylaws questions and review your bylaws before passing them on to state.
Hospitality Chair
Bonnie Downing(805) 748-6516* Helps plan events and coordinates hospitality for meetings and activities.
Student Representative
Jayson McCracken* Here to represent students and promote student involvement at all levels of PTA.
Information* Not sure who to ask? Email us with your question and we’ll make sure the right person responds to it.